Hello There!

Welcome fellow readers and bloggers to my first (most likely only) blog. This is my first entry ever written for any type of blog. I’d never considered blogging before until a friend began earlier this school year. Each week I found myself looking forward to all of her posts and funnies written on her blog. Over the holidays I learned that two members of my family had started blogging. I thought then, “Why don’t I have a blog? I follow quite a few.” Certainly blogs are a useful way for people to express themselves.
My curiosity peaked when I knew of at least three people blogging. But you know, people go through different phases every so often. Phases such as, “I want a puppy”, “I’m losing ¾ of my body weight to look good in a bikini”, and the phase of “I want 900 kids by the time I’m 30”. So, I assumed that my curiosity of wanting a blog was just a phase that would eventually pass. Guess what! That phase of wanting to be part of the blogosphere hasn’t passed. Nearly four weeks of waiting for this “phase” to pass, I’m caving.
The next thing I had to create was a name for my blog. Well, I could combine root words of my hobbies to create a name. Nope, that was not happening. None of those root words made sense. Choosing a baby name would be easier than naming my blog. I knew what I didn’t want to call it. If I planned on writing a blog for at least 6 months it better be a GREAT name. The last thing it should be is something along the lines of fartbubbles or flowerpots. Eventually I found two words I liked and combined them. Both words are Latin. The first word  means, simple, when translated to English. The second word, vita, translated in English is life. My blog name=Simplex Vita=A Simple Life. Yes, I know, the blog name seems like an oxymoron for the ways of the 21st century.

***Since blogging is new concept to me please be patient as where each entry shows up. I still have little clue as to how to use my site.
Disclaimer: I may not blog every day, be politically/socially/grammatically correct or completely unbiased. Read with caution.


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