Today I wandered around the local community college with a friend as a tag-along. As usual there were several groups of students studying anywhere there was a table and chairs. I had never noticed before but there are so many different peopleDSCN0677 who go to college. While we were there we saw young adults and hipsters, older middle-aged people and everyone else in between. Each student seemed happy and welcoming as we walked by as we journeyed to the Welcome Desk. I felt that the older (30 and up) students had more of a story to tell than the average college student. Each person there today was interesting. Probably much more so than me and my friend.

It’s funny the way the world works. People can be thrust into events and challenges that they never expected and eventually come out wiser in the end. No matter what happened to the older college students (whether they waited to start college, or had life altering events that set them back) at the local community college, they were still proactive to get an education. I feel that the students there value education and the opportunities that a degree opens for each person. We all need secondary education.


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