Tid Bits

Hello again lovely readers,

I hope you’re not getting bogged down with the many posts I’ve written in the last few days. I thought to give some human qualities to my writing I’d provide some tid bits about myself. In the fall I am attending my first year at a college and am extremely excited. I plan on going into the BME science field. When I was young I wanted to be a dolphin when I grew up… Well, that’s one dream that never took off. My hobbies include reading and other quiet and creative things. I enjoy outdoor activities as well. My favorite season is summer. I absolutely loathe the season of spring. It’s a crappy, rainy season. I hate the dark. I love animals, friends and family. I try not to choose favorite people. Favorites of Favorite: Watermelon and ice cream and all shades of purple. I cannot stand bullies or people that abuse their power. That’s me in a large nutshell.


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