Future Pets

I’ve been contemplating my future lately and its possibilities for success….Once I graduate from college in a few years time and have a job (hopefully) in the field of my degree, I would like to be financially stable. I just heard your sighs of, Wouldn’t we all? Yes, I want to be financially stable, despite student loans, with a job when I’m out of college. That said, I hope to live in apartment or townhouse or something that isn’t a dorm (or my mother’s basement)( the film, Step Brothers anyone?) when I graduate.

My rendition of a pig

My rendition of a pig

Initially I told myself that I wasn’t adopting a pet once I was an adult living on my own. I’ve always grown up with pocket sized pets and felines. Yes, I enjoy dogs but cats are my preference. I wasn’t going to get a pet as an adult because of the heartbreak at the end of their life. But pets are just great, they’re worth every emotion that you feel as a human  being. So I thought. What type of pet would be suited well for my future and lifestyle out of university? Since this is theoretical at this time in my life my answer doesn’t matter much. A goldfish would definitely be at the top of my list of possible future pets.

1. Goldfish

2. Hermit Crab (why not?)

3. Hamster

3. Cat/Dog

4. Reptile-Gecko

5. Teacup Pig

The pet I choose to have in my future is a teacup pig and maybe a cat. Miniature pigs are the best of both worlds of a dog and a cat. Teacup pigs are extremely smart, social, litter trainable, and you can take them on a walk! See? Best of both dog & cat. I’ve done a fair amount of reading and research about miniature pigs and they live between 15-20 years and have a weight range. I know there are downsides of owning a pig (laws of owning a pig depending where you live), health care and special diets. But if I am in a stable career and financially stable I’d like to own a teacup pig for the 15-20 years. Just google the term: Teacup pig. I swear they’re adorable. Bacon will not cross your mind when looking at those pictures.


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