To my Future Roommate

To the future roommate that doesn’t exist (yet)

Dear Future Roommate,

Hello! I’m your dorm-mate and we will most likely be spending a whole year of college in this tiny, comfortable dorm room the size of a jail cell together! Let’s try to have fun. I don’t know you yet, but I believe we can make this living situation work out well. Hopefully you have other siblings so you’re accustomed to sharing a room with another person. Surprise, I’m an only child that doesn’t know how to share bedroom space! Sure I can share everything else but space could be an issue. How do you live in a 10 by 1o room with another person? My mother already said that a roommate agreement wasn’t a friendly option to have you sign. Doctor Sheldon Cooper’s roommate agreement seems to work for he and his friends…But no, no we won’t be having a roommate agreement. Although I believe it could solve a multitude of possible problems for us living together. I hope you can tolerate my slight OCD tendencies for an entire year. It would be great if you were slightly OCD as well!                  Anything that I should warn you about in this letter? Um, I frequently fall out of bed when I sleep. Perfume gives me an asthma attack, and the bottle cannot even be in the same room that I’m in. Ha, I’ll be the dorm-mate from hell. I’ll stop now before you request a room transfer. You’ll have your list of pet peeves and frailties for yourself too. Don’t worry, I take those things very seriously.

Anyway, I digress. For months now I’ve been wondering who you are, what you look like and your different tastes in books and music. Do you like to read? Do you like people? I enjoy most people. Have you any idea what you’d like to major in at college? Please don’t say English, ew. There are so many different people in the world (7 billion+). I love learning about new people.

Future Roommate, I’ve been so curious about you. I can’t wait to finally meet and get to know you.


P.S  I apologize for anything that irritates you this coming year at college that could be caused by me.


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