Another Friend Post

Months ago my friend C and I agreed to write letters to each other leading up to our high school graduation and to give our letters to each other at our open houses. It’s exciting to wonder what he’s writing to me. Terrifying as well. I know I have several quirks C finds amusing… What do you write to your best friend that you haven’t already said? Do you like soda???

C may look like this as an M&M

C may look like this as an M&M

I’ve known him for about four years now and it simply seems longer. We’re both going to college at opposite ends of the state in the fall and I tear up just thinking about missing him. I hate temporary goodbyes. They’re so hard . But it is the twenty-first century and the ways of communication have improved.

Our friendship has had our ups and downs but it’s sturdy. We tease each other about such stupid crap, it’s insane. C is one of my favorite people (oops, I do choose favorites). He is honest, kind and trustworthy. Plus, he’s fun to be around.

I know I can tell him anything.


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