Nice Cold…

Since last Friday I’ve been battling a double ear infection and a cold. Sunday my household ran out of Kleenex. Later Sunday evening we ran out of paper towels and napkins. What have I been using to empty the contents of my nasal membranes? Coffee filters. Yup, that’s right, coffee filters. Why? Because my household’s Mr. Coffee broke on Friday morning. We have no need to use the filters if the coffee maker doesn’t work. Why hasn’t someone replaced the nasal tissues or the coffee maker? Beats me. It’s fine though, my nose is just beginning to look red with flaky skin. I think a red, irritated nose will be the new spring trend for 2013. But thankfully I’ve been lucky, I haven’t had a cold in almost three years. And I haven’t had the flu in about four years. I’m one of the first to have a flu shot each year, too. Ugh, I still want this cold bug and ear bug to just fly away SOON.


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