So as most of you are aware Lay’s potato chips have new flavors that ordinary people created for a new chip flavor. The final three flavors are sriracha, chicken and waffles, and cheesy garlic bread. I urge all of you to try each one just for kicks. I have tried all three flavors and love them. But sadly you can only vote for one on Facebook and twitter (I’m sure there are other ways to vote as well).

If I must choose a favorite it is sriracha. It’s a rather sassy chip flavor in my opinion. I enjoyed eating the sriracha chips dipped in sour cream. Sriracha is not for the weak stomach or the gastrointestinal system that suffers from IBS or ulcers. It’s spicy hot, with chili pepper flavors and a slight vinegar taste, just amazing. Whoever submitted this flavor idea is a downright cultured culinary genius! We are forever in debt to you, Flavor Genius.

P.S If any of you would like to share the recipe to make sriracha (is it sauce?) please leave it in the comments, I’d love to try it in meals.


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