The Happy List

April 2, 2012 I created a list of things that made me happy throughout my days. I promised myself to keep it up for exactly a year to see the types of things I put on said list. April second 2013 came around and I had written 64 different things. I’ve learned that it truly is the simple things that matter the most throughout the day.

 List of Happy 2012-2013

  1. Staying up late
  2. Listening to music
  3. Communicating in a foreign language to a friend that other people around you don’t understand
  4. Ice CreamDSCN0750
  5. Mowing the lawn
  6. Smelling mowed grass
  7. Taking a hot/cold shower
  8. Spending a whole day with Friends
  9. Flowers
  10. Planting vegetables
  11. Movie Days with Friends
  12. Making Lists
  13. Applying to jobs
  14. Anticipation of opening the ACT envelope to see your score
  15. Reading quotes
  16. Dancing in the house home alone
  17. Waking up happy
  18. Listening to old songs
  19. Swearing
  20. Looking INCREDIBLE in a dress/clothing/outfit
  21. Inside Jokes
  22. Being hugged by friends/Hugging friends
  23. Seeing someone that you haven’t seen in years-They remember you
  24. Being happy for others
  25. Walking with a friend
  26. Talking on the phone with a friend
  27. Everything with photography
  28. Succeeding
  29. The relief of pain leaving the body
  30. Listening to suggestive songs “Butterfly” by Jason Mraz
  31. Painted fingernails
  32. Warm weather/summer/fall
  33. Feeling beautiful
  34. Being around an 2,600 pound rhino that could easily kill you but looks at you with kind eyes
  35. Seeing your favorite teacher in the world in public
  36. Feeling loved
  37. Having a rhino purposely smile at you
  38. Rainy, cold days with coffee and donuts
  39. Thinking about your future (terrifying as well)
  40. Having guys check you out in public & catching them
  41. Being invited to birthday parties/attending
  42. Hearing delight in the receiver’s voice when they hear yours on the phone
  43. Not crying
  44. Losing that extra 5 lbs you gained in a week
  45. Not feeling like shit
  46. Being around someone that has sunshine pour out of them and onto you
  47. Dragonflies
  48. Boys that are interested in you/the feeling is mutual
  49. Movie Premieres
  50. Pizza
  51. Science
  52. Having sensory dreams that are wonderful
  53. Blogs & reading blogs
  54. Memories
  55. Being healthy
  56. Friends
  57. Amish Cinnamon Rolls
  58. Shopping
  59. Warm Sand underneath your feet
  60. Summer
  61. Writing Letters
  62. Purchasing something on sale
  63. Winning
  64. Keeping promises

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