Sale at Bath and Body Works

Today I was at one of my favorites stores, Bath & Body Works. I LOVE that place. It has everything for your body that you never thought of wanting. A huge sale is going on right now and so I stopped in tonight. I only purchase things on sale (doesn’t include groceries…usually) and this was such a bargain. All in all I spent less than 19 dollars and saved 49 dollars. I bought six items that were half off or more and now I’m set on body wash, lotion and shower spray until November or so. Sure, I had one lotion and body wash left and unopened in my stockpile but what about the sale? Perhaps I won’t be the average smelly college student on campus this fall? Yes, I’ll fit the stereotype of poor, broke college student but at least I’ll smell good! I would strongly urge all of you to waltz in and spend quality time in this store before this sale ends.

My favorite scents at BBW are Wild Honeysuckle, Carried Away and Rain Kissed Leaves. What are your favorites?


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