Pouring Rain & Gardening

June 10, 2013:

Waking up to: Rain

Afternoon: More Rain

Late Afternoon: Clear, Sunny and Humid

Late Afternoon: Surprise

Yes, that sounds like a weather forecast. But I had wanted to plant flowers and weed my garden for days but was just too busy until Monday (late afternoon). Stupidly I thought the rain was gone for the day. Turns out it wasn’t done. Let’s set the scene: I’m in my grub clothes, it’s 75 and sunny and sticky, sweat is trickling down my back. I am half way done planting habanero peppers into pots, and have more than a flat of flowers to go. Slowly (I assume) the rain clouds move in and it begins to sprinkle rain.

Sprinkle of rain? No problem it’s just water, it’ll pass. SUDDENLY it just begins to pour buckets of rain. Think rain from The Notebook (the scene where the characters kiss). This rain has a life of it’s own. The water drops pelt my body and within 30 seconds I’m soaked. How the hell did Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams kiss without drowning and/or suffocating while Poseidon’s rain drenched them? Let me tell you, it couldn’t have been easy! Anyway, once I was soaked inside and out, it was pointless to stop gardening and go inside. While in the hospital I dreamed of gardening at home, why would a rain storm stop me? And so I continued to spread seeds and such, while the wet bullets hit me (for nearly 15 minutes). On the bright side, at least I didn’t have to water plants when I finished.

The next day my rose bush bloomed

Rose Bush


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