Don’t Ogle It

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I catch people ogling me or anyone else. Sure, in the moment it can be flattering, but in the end I find it degrading. When you check somebody out I feel that you’re objectifying them. “Wow man, she’s hot.” Or, “He was so cute and chiseled.”  Talk about shallow.

Yes, as human beings we do notice beauty, but the majority care most about the filling of the pretty cake. People are so much more than outside aesthetics. Humans are intelligent, humorous, kind and more. If you can make me laugh, you’ve got yourself a new friend! I don’t go for beauty, I generally go for the brains. When I catch people (usually young males) eyeing me in public my reflex reaction is to flip them the bird. Get your damn eyes back in your head! Instead, I give them the filthiest facial expression I can muster and continue about my business. It’s just rude to ogle, wolf whistle, and whatever else young creeps do these days. Of course I know it’s impolite to flip the bird (I’ve never done it); but who goes out to be looked at to purchase groceries? Come on people, just don’t ogle! Be a polite sir or miss and act like a classy gent or lady all day everyday.

In the words of Ron Burgundy, “You stay classy San Diego”.

*To the male youth that works at the local bookstore cafe, you can go ahead and keep ogling me if that gets me the medium frappe instead of the small I paid for. You, my dear are the only exception to this rant.


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