The Metaphoric Mirror

The Metaphoric Mirror

When I look in the mirror I see the world behind me. In the mirror I see my countenance slightly wavering, unsure of where I stand. My thoughts, decisions and insecurities staring back to me within my reflection. Have I made the correct decisions? Where do I go from here? Time is both present and nonexistent in the mirror. The surroundings say nothing and everything about time. This world is a chaotic paradise. The reflection shows order in the room but my eyes are the portrayal of doubt. In the mirror my reflection is what people believe they see. But I can only see my inflection. The mirror does not show the fairest of them all. It may never show the fairest or the wisest of them all. Each mirror only displays the reflection of the beholder; everything else is up to you.

Each mirror I’ve stood in front of allows that precise moment and everything leading to that moment to live on my face. When I step away, the past and present are instantly erased. I wonder if each person has this experience with mirrors or if it’s just me… Mirrors are such a lonely state of mind; a give and take in a way. They give you exactly what is in front of them and you take away whatever you please. But you never take the same thing twice. The one thing that should never be taken is advice from a mirror. Mirrors can be foul mouthed liars sometimes. Reflections and mirrors are mostly composed of lies that humans are willing to believe.

Today when I look in the mirror there is something that sparks inside and it burns to the very depth of my soul. Walking away from the mirror I go and fight for the world.


2 thoughts on “The Metaphoric Mirror

  1. Wow! I had a very unhealthy relationship with a magnifying mirror. I put it on a shelf almost two years ago! Love your prose.
    Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun clicking on links and “mingling” with the guests!

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