Not A Happy Camper

I’ve completed my first few weeks of university classes. I absolutely love my classes and professors. What I hate is how lonely I am. No one talks to me in most of my classes. In most of my classes no one speaks other than to provide input to the class topic. I can’t figure out how to break the ice with anybody.

This week has been so frustrating. All my life I’ve been hearing about the people you’ll meet in college. I’ve certainly met people this week but I haven’t really chatted with them. My friends are making new friendships at their universities, but I feel that I’m forever doomed socially. I haven’t made a new friend from scratch in ten years! I’m shy, terrified of new people and quiet to begin with, the fact that I had friends in school still amazes me. Is there a recipe for making friends from scratch? I can’t seem to find it.

I haven’t lost my way by being lonely. I still correspond with my friend group via Skype and the internet but it’s just not the same as in person chats. Next week I’ll throw myself into social situations and join a club to have more interaction with people.

Have any of you pretty young people had this experience during your college career? If so, what helped you?


2 thoughts on “Not A Happy Camper

  1. Just be friendly and start conversations with people! Everyday sit next to a new person in class and ask what their major is/where they are from/if they are in any clubs. If you find someone in a club you might be interested in, ask if you can go with them sometime! Or even ask if any are going to the gym and if you could join start joining them. You definitely have to go out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it. I’ve met a ton of people that way because most are really eager to make friends. My problem is just finding people that I actually like. That’s the hard part, haha.

  2. Have you thought about starting a study group on Facebook so everyone can interact on there.. Eventually, people take it over into real life.. Being a bit removed to start with while building the friendship helps with shyness. Speak to everyone about it.. and then start it. 🙂

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