Gals, Guys & Double Standards

There is a double standard in America. Yes, there’s a possibility for numerous double standards in America. The double standard I’m mentioning is about young women dating older young men. Specifically young college aged women and men. What are older young men you ask? Men that are young but two to three years older than the said young woman.

As young women many of us are told by our parents that dating a man (or woman) doesn’t make a you a slut. Even dating multiple people won’t make us whores. But then as youthful women our parents warn us about older men that show interest in us. Those young men may want more in a relationship than we’re willing to give them because of our youth and lack of experience with mature romantic relationships. Older young males may have different intentions and expectations than young women. And young college aged women must be warned about those types of men that may want sex while in a relationship because they have more years (2-3) on you with experience and relationships. The double standard is that older young men aren’t respectful towards women in general. Women can’t imagine a man finding her attractive because of the delightful personality of a woman. The stereotype is summed up as older young men are pigs and women are naive. That is the double standard I’m whispering.

Why is it that young women should be warned about the elusive older man’s interest? Because we aren’t intelligent enough to think about all possibilities and intentions of male suitors? Perhaps society and pop culture leads parents and women to believe all older men want sexual activity in a relationship. Is this double standard still influencing our culture from decades ago? We need to drop the double standard stereotype and just be happy. Young women have been gifted with brains and we need to use them. Hear what your parents warn you of but ultimately make your own damn decision of whom to pursue a relationship with.

Do you ever hear about parents warning their college aged sons about older young women having impure intentions in a relationship? No, not very often. Why? Because it’s perceived that only men have these possible intentions instead of women? It could even be another double standard.

Older young men are interested in women for a number of reasons. Maybe they enjoy how your hair glistens in the rain. Or maybe they enjoy you as a person. Not all men are interested in a relationship want to engage in sexual activity with you in the end. Double standard has been shattered. The End.

Unfortunately the stereotype will live on for now. I’ve been warned about older young men from my parents and aunts. I smile and nod my head, knowing that respectable older young men exist. Double standards must not set our culture back; but to push us forward to break them.


2 thoughts on “Gals, Guys & Double Standards

  1. Yeah double standards are very clumsy in society these days… But I think I might use that line on a slightly younger woman someday: “Hey, I like how your hair glistens in the rain.”

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