You Quit


The other day my parents and I had a meeting with my math tutor. Everything was flowing well. I don’t know much about him other than he’s a math teacher in a different school district and tutors in the summer. Likewise (we’ll call him Mr.G) Mr. G isn’t too knowledgeable about who I am. Since he’s a math person he’s fairly straightforward with everything. I’ve liked Mr. G to this point because he doesn’t mix words. Unfortunately he doesn’t have much tact either.

While meeting, Mr. G thoughtfully inquired what I planned on studying in college. Now, keep in mind that we meet two hours a week for math and he hasn’t known me for more than six weeks.

“I’m going into the engineering field”, I proudly say.

Mr. G’s eyebrows raise. “I wouldn’t recommend engineering for you. There’s plenty of math involved with engineering. You need to have the…

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