Forgotten Love

“The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.”  ~Elbert Hubbard, The Notebook, 1927

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.”  ~Anäis Nin

On Sunday morning I had breakfast with a Bestie (C) that was in town visiting from college. We had breakfast at a local eatery called Fernando’s and caught up with each other. The last time I saw C in person was 6 long weeks ago. We chat on the phone about once a week (then I cry after we hang up because I miss him). But phone chatting and Skyping just isn’t quite the same as an in-person chat. Sunday was a lovely day to say the least. Thursday night I was able to Skype with my other lovely Bestie T for two hours. I usually hear from each Bestie once or twice every two weeks, this was such a treat to see their faces within the same week.

Over the last two or three weeks I’ve felt anxious from college and just plain old life. I forgot what it felt like to be loved by friends. This love I can’t describe, it’s different from love by family because your Besties choose to love you. Somehow this love seems more delicate than familial love. The last time I Skyped with K she said that she doesn’t have to question if her friends care about her. Intrigued, I asked how she knew (surely you can’t assume). I loved the way K‘s answer was so simple. “Because you guys call. I know that you and T love me because I can feel it.” I agree with K. All along I know that my Besties love and care about me; I just forgot how that particularly feels.

Soon we’ll all be home for Thanksgiving break and it can’t come soon enough for numerous reasons.

“If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow.  If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder.  If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow.  If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile.  But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.”  ~Author Unknown


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