Got Goat?

Dear Readers and fellow bloggers,

Three weeks ago I received the strangest call from a woman I had never met.

“Hello?” I pick up my phone

“Hello, is this E? I am Mary and you were referred by a lady from our church regarding house sitting.” This lovely stranger explains to a perplexed E.

“Oh okay, who was the lady that referred me to you?” I didn’t realize that anybody I had previously house sat  attended church….Long story short my mother’s friend referred Mary to my services. Mary and her partner needed someone to house sit over the week of Thanksgiving. Mary and Barb were getting married in California! I’m so happy for them!

The past two summers I volunteered at our local zoo alongside the zoo keepers and tended to the barn animals. I volunteered at the zoo because it was such a fantastic experience. I never dreamed it would be useful later on for ordinary life.  Two weeks back I visited Barb and Mary’s house out in the country. They have two dogs and one cat. Oh, and four adorable Himalayan goats (without horns). They have goats because Mary and Barb began milking them for homemade goat cheese and soap. Apparently my mother’s friend had told this couple about my limited experience with zoo and farm animals. I suppose goat experience is appealing to some people…

Barb and Mary were pleased with how comfortable I was with all of their animals. I was surprised with how comfortable their animals were with me. Yay! After meeting with me, Mary and Barb said that they’d speak and call me later in the week. Talk about the weirdest job interview of my (short) life so far. The next day I heard back from the couple officially asking me to house sit the week of Thanksgiving. Of course I accepted.

Well, today is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I’ve been house sitting since Monday. I love the goats! I’m having a good time just house sitting their pets. It’s so odd though. House sitting the normal pets and then barn animals as well. My friends won’t tease me for tending to the farm animals at the zoo anymore! Ha, jokes on them! I’m being paid extra for the goat tending (not by my request)! Each night I’ve had a friend sleepover with me since we’re home from college at the moment. They haven’t enjoyed the goats as much as I have though. So sad.

Tomorrow I will get to spend the whole day with my family, that was my only stipulation when I agreed to house sit. The neighbors will be taking care of the animals until I get back. These are just a few picks that I’ve taken over the past few days

My new friends: Gabby, Xena, & Obi Wan Tobi

My new friends: Gabby, Xena, & Obi Wan Tobi





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