Hot Dogs Galore

Earlier this week I was walking around my college campus killing time before my next class. Now, mind you, I live in a state where the wind chills were 35 degrees Fahrenheit below zero for the better part of Monday and Tuesday. I walked past this strip of art shops and locally owned restaurants, I love the surrounding art community! The best part of exploring that day was finding a specialty hot dog restaurant. I’m not a huge hot dog connoisseur but these dogs look delicious. This specific restaurant serves beef, pork, turkey, chicken, and tofu hot dogs, sausage franks, kielbasa and brats. Imagine anything that you can put on a burger…you can put that on a hot dog here. Essentially you can build your own hot dog if you don’t like the menu selections. One of the toppings is fresh spinach leaves instead of coleslaw. I want to try all of them that are poultry dogs (I don’t eat red meat or pork). On the menu is a Bacon, Ranch and Cheese dog with optional coleslaw to top it off. Heart attack in a bun! I’m trying it the next time I’m there. Oh, and some of the dogs are foot longs (I’ll bring a friend). One of the nicest things about the restaurant is that it’s relatively cheap, everything is a la carte friendly. I’m planning a trip with friends to this eatery soon.


Photo from Google Images


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