Young Love: A First Grade Tale

Hmm….my first crush. Well, there was Johnny in first grade. Oh, handsome he was in first grade. Long, chin length dark brown hair, brown eyes and a huge nose. He gave me such butterflies. I stared with admiration towards him from across the tables. Yet, I never spoke to him, not even once. I remember that I liked his quick wit and intelligence, plus his striking appearance of denim overalls with his brown eyes. Johnny was extremely talented with math, something I struggled with in first grade ( I’m still an amateur with math). He was so fast with adding double digit numbers, he didn’t count on his fingers!

Since first grade he’s cut his hair (multiple times) and became part of another friend group of mine. In high school, Johnny won an Academic Merit Scholarship to a big ten university but hasn’t declared a major yet. Johnny has a girlfriend right now and they’ve been together for about two years. No, I’m not bitter, Johnny isn’t my type. I haven’t crushed on Johnny for at least thirteen years. And, I have had several conversations with him since I met him in first grade. It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I first met Johnny in first grade and admired him from afar, and he became a friend of mine years later.

Years later a real crush came along in eighth grade, but that’s another story for another day. I promise to write about it later on.


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