It’s Me, Not You

Dear E,

Please forgive my naivete, young sir in my writing class. I apologize for being socially inept in the ways of flirting. I could be the female version of Sheldon Cooper. Or would that be Amy Farrah Fowler? E (the young sir that resembles a 21 year old Lenny Kravitz), your flirting techniques were excellent and were tastefully used in our writing class. Please don’t be offended, it’s me not you. I just do not think in the terms of flirting. The long eye contact, the joking and light arm touching and sitting next to me during class for the second time in a row just seemed odd. Unfortunately I didn’t realize until a few minutes later that you were flirting with me. I just thought, how lucky that my crush was sitting near me again. “He’s so nice, but why is he blushing?” The light bulb eventually lit above my head….minutes later. Please, please forgive my naive head.

But you did catch my eye the first day of class. I do find you attractive and you seem kind, humorous and normal. Dating a guy that is normal is an absolute must in my rule book. I love your light Egyptian accent that comes through with certain words. I adore your dark brown eyes and black curly hair. There was such ease between us both days you sat next to me, it was rather enjoyable. E, I plan to talk to you more often and hopefully be able to successfully flirt and perhaps go on a date with you.

Sincerely the Clueless Girl in Writing,



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