Is the Bitch Back?

This evening one of my besties called me. She never calls me out of the blue. D told me that she had a PET scan and blood work done a few short weeks ago. D had a doctor’s appointment today with her oncologist to go over abnormal results. Her physician ordered more blood work to see what exactly is going on with her cells and body. Her phone call had to be one of the worst calls I’ve had so far. D has had cancer before, but that was almost five years ago. I didn’t know D when she had cancer. Last spring she revealed that she battled cancer twice. It’s awful. Yes, I know there are a number of other possibilities that aren’t cancer that may be the health issue. Even if D is still in remission, there’s clearly something going on with her body.  Cancer is a bitch. The possibility is of cancer is a bitch.

I’ve never had a friend that is battling cancer. I will be there for D though, no matter what the issue is with her body. She’s my strongest friend. But I’m scared for her.


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