The Things I’m Learning


What does that number mean to you? Yes, it’s the present year. Does this year have negative connotations attached to it yet? Yes and no. Since this year began in January, I’ve slowly ventured out of my shell. I’ve learned so much about myself since 2014 began. I believe that the year of 2013 was a year of learning how to overcome obstacles and hardship in my life. 2014 seems to be the year that I learn more about myself and enjoy who I am as a person.

I’ve never been quite comfortable in my skin. Over the years, I’ve felt that I’m too shy, opinionated, uptight, not enough of this or that. Now that I’m becoming my own person, I’m beginning to like myself. My confidence has been intact and I’ve never had self-esteem issues (so I thought) but I’m becoming more comfortable in my own skin. 2014 is a year that has a been a pleasant surprise. I’m happy for the time being with just about everything. 2014 has presented a few crossroads but in time I’ve worked through them.

Since I’m learning to love myself and I’m learning so much I have started a list of things that I’ve learned so far this year. I’ll post the finished list this December. It will be a similar format to the Happy List.


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