Mirror of Confidence

Every morning I thank God that I am alive. I am alive and realize that some people aren’t fortunate enough to exceed past a certain age for different reasons. There are some mornings that are difficult to slip out of bed and begin the day. Despite how happy and grateful I am to be able to breathe on my own and move my body without the help of medical equipment, facing a new day can be hard. Depending upon the day, you can expect obstacles to be hurled at you just so you can be successful that day, the day after and next week. When those dreary mornings arise and your mood is low and gray, remember the day is yours to take on and is full of possibilities. Slither out of bed, peel off your clothes and dance to the bathroom, feel the steam and water from the shower on your marvelous skin and realize that you are enough to take on the day, or even the world. You do not have to confront those terrible mornings and days by yourself, but know that you’re brave and strong to power through the challenges of life.
As human beings the need to feel confident within ourselves is unnerving. I’ve rewritten this entry at least three times and I’ve never met any of my readers (that I’m aware of). Every one of us has our own definition of confidence. According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary the definition of confidence goes as follows: Confidence- A feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances. Is that a definition that connects to you? Certainly not me. I can hear, think and see my confidence and others can feel it shine onto them. But on those cold, dry mornings when waking up is difficult, confidence is just a distant memory. On those mornings that whisper into the day, wake up and chat with yourself. A firm chat that sings life back into your mind. Stand up straight and look at your reflection of your soft, loyal and beautiful eyes. Stare at yourself until a shiver sprints up your spine and your hair stands on end, and then begin the Enough Chat.
“You are alive and worth every minute. The past events do not have to dictate your future or your mood. This is your life and anyone that shares it with you is privileged; as you are privileged to be in this world as well. The power and confidence in which you seek today is here. This power, happiness and confidence is standing right by your side. It will embrace you with open arms and not let go. But you must let it in to engulf your mood and mind. Other people cannot permanently take it away. You are enough. Enough to take on the day. You are enough to power through life.
Please go ahead and feel every emotion that eases into your senses, that’s an experience that is a product from life. There is nothing wrong with you. The beauty of your soul is exquisite. Your outer beauty is extraordinary (but only skin deep). There is a fire inside of you that cannot be extinguished, it smolders at times, but never burns out.
I am alive and worth every minute. I am confident, brave, happy and powerful. I have the power to control my life. Today I am enough. I am enough for every day.”


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