Running Around

Lase evening I was home (but at a friend’s house) and helping T‘s sister with an essay (due tomorrow). T’s sister and their father left to go to the store. That left me and T home alone with our own devices…ourselves. My God, I love that kid.

I was chatting with T in his bedroom and he pushes me down on his bed, turns off the light, runs out of the room and shuts his door behind him. This isn’t unusual behavior for him. Hard to believe, I know. So, I get up from his bed and naturally go running after him. I search through the house, aware that I’ll find him in one of the bathroom showers. He always hides there. Did I mention that we’ll both be twenty this year? Eventually I find him in the shower and he proceeds to run after me, giggling. Well, we get to the living room and we’re both laughing hysterically. Then he lightly PUSHES me down to the couch and takes off running again. I take off and I’m right on his tail, deciding what I could do to him. At the last second, I back off and go find a small tennis ball that they have for their poma-chi (Pomeranian and chihuahua mix), named Spike. I find a ball and wait, sitting on the couch for T. He comes strutting out into the living room after a couple minutes and I pounce. I throw the tennis ball at his gut and push him into the couch and hit him with throw pillows. His strong arms are flailing and we’re laughing, he’s cursing and saying derogatory things towards me. I hurl insults right back at him but also in German. “You’re a Schlampe!” I say; and he replies with something in French. Our running excursion and rough housing lasts about ten minutes. Exhausted after our rough housing we throw popcorn in the microwave and watch Netflix. All and all it was a great day.


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