Anonymous Protection

The Daily Post Topic: When you do something  scary or stressful- Do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or strangers? Why?


When I go out on a limb I prefer to be alone or surrounded by strangers. When I am with friends or family I will not go out of my comfort zone. I feel safe and protected when I’m with people I know and pushing past my comfort zone never crosses my mind. The only way I try something new, which is terrifying and stressful, is when I am around strangers or alone. When I do something new on my own and accomplish it, I feel like an Olympic champion that has just won the gold! Even when I fail, I still feel fresh and ready to take on the next challenge. I feel empowered. I have done something new and did it by myself, I didn’t need praise by family or friends. I didn’t need praise to know that I can do anything.

Where I volunteer part of my duty is to talk to complete strangers (including children). To me, that is stressful and exhilarating at the same time. I am naturally a shy person and prefer not to speak to people that I’ve never met. Once a week I plunge myself into the ocean of fear and swim away from the comfort zone of the shore. Since sliding out of my comfort zone I have grown as an individual and changed my perspective. Sometimes people get scared and have to get over it in the moment without showing fear. Pushing past your comfort zone whether surrounded by friends or family, or strangers can be overwhelming, it’s worth it.


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