Three Hours

Tulips along the botanical garden

Tulips along the botanical garden

Last evening my friend, T, and I took a nice long three hour stroll through our town. We didn’t intentionally set forth to walk around for three hours, it just happened. We kept wandering through the lovely residential neighborhoods admiring the older houses. The architecture of old houses is different from what most people live in now’a’ days. The houses that we observed where built between the 1920s and the 1970s. Now, some of these houses looked like money pits, but they were clearly loved. Did I mention that yesterday’s temperature reached 86 degrees Fahrenheit? For us, the hotter the better.



Old athletic building

Eventually the two of us got bored and we decided to walk to the University in our town. The university’s campus is gorgeous, but it’s prettier and peaceful without the students around in the summer. We walked past one of the old sports fields and through the botanical garden. It was beautiful at dusk. I tried to imagine what the campus looked like when it opened in the 1800s. The university still has and uses some of the original buildings, parts of the campus remind me of a small scale Hogwarts. I learned that the football stadium is the tallest building on campus. Pretty neat.


T and I chatted for the entire three hours of our walk and didn’t return to his car (parked at a school) until after the sun had set. We discussed our present futures and the ills of living at home during the summer. Our conversations never cease to amaze me. They ranged from sex, to the psychology of color,  to our families and all sorts of other things last evening. T is the only person that I’m comfortable sharing my unfiltered thoughts without them being held against me. The reciprocal goes from him as well. But we have known each other for almost fifteen years. He’s my brother from another mother (and father).

Library or Dorm

Library or dorm on campus

On our “hike” through our town, we kept pulling out our cell phones and snapping photos like tourists. Thankfully we left our fanny-packs at home.


Along the botanical garden

Along the botanical garden

Along the botanical garden

Along the botanical garden


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