5.5 Things on a List

Lately I’ve been reading and seeing articles and lists from Buzzfeed and The Thought Catalog with an unusual number of things on lists and quizzes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Buzzfeed and ALL of the quizzes. The Thought Catalog is nice to view when killing time (I disagree with 78.02% of the writing published on it), but do we really need 17 or 21 reasons why you need a cat? 21 is just one digit above the number 20 and four digits less than 25, so wouldn’t it be less prudent if there were four more reasons on the list? All of the list nonsense now gives me anxiety when I do construct simple lists. I don’t know the appropriate number of things or reasons that should be on lists now. It used to be good ol’ solid numbers such as 5, 10, 25, 50 just a few years ago. But now I worry if lists should have 18 things on them instead. If my next professor instructs the class to make a list of something I’m not sure which number I should end on the list. This I predict will be the next crisis in society.

Summer Shopping List:

1.  Flip-Flops

2. Hamster accessories

3. Notepad

4. Rule Book of Appropriate Numbers on Lists

5. Sunscreen

5.5 Sun gla.


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