Metaphor for Change

#YesAllWomen. Why does it take a hashtag to spark worldwide chats about fear, bad experiences and gender discrepancies in society? As I keep reading the tweets and discussing what I’ve read with family and peers, a few of the women, myself included, can relate to the tweets. This trend of #YesAllWomen isn’t just a fad, it’s a metaphor for change. A cause, reason, a necessary catalyst for change in worldwide society. One voice can make a difference but millions of voices (tweets) can impact the world just as much; voices demand to be heard. #AllPeople deserve to be heard and acknowledged. Women counted as equal human beings long before gender discrepancies were brought to worldwide attention. Will these stories and statements attached to the popular hashtag finally cause a societal pause and make a positive change for women?

I believe this is a fascinating way for women and men to spread awareness of gender discrepancies, stereotypes, disrespect and discrimination. As I’ve read the stories and statements with the hashtags, I’ve thought about the emotions behind the tweets. It is a brave thing to write and speak about what happens to us as individuals that involves the opposite (or same) gender. Some of the topics of the tweets include fear, harassment, sexism, rape, the fear of being raped, and mugged; the list goes on. At times these topics seem like taboos, or events that get swept under the rug. I hope the #YesAllWomen ignites worldwide conversations specifically about the treatment of women, respect and equality. Debate, discuss, and create a plan to allow growth for women and society as a whole.

Friends’ Tweets

  • Because I shouldn’t feel nervous when I wear a skirt in public #YesAllWomen
  • I have the right to equal pay and treatment in my career #YesAllWomen #YesAllPeople
  • Because confidence doesn’t make me a bitch #YesAllWomen
  • All forms of birth control should be covered by insurance, not just condoms #YesAllWomen
  • #YesAllWomen Because I’m not “asking for it” when I feel attractive
  • Because I am not a hashtag #YesAllPeople
  • (This tweet is mine) Because I count as a person, too #YesAllWomen #YesAllPeople

****I keep all tweets anonymous



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