Limiting Thyself

Sometimes it takes another human being to broaden your goals and horizons of a future that you had never considered before. A friend that believes you are limiting yourself and opportunities is a person that has endless value and love and they should not be taken for granted.

Earlier Wednesday evening T and I took a hike through state lands that are close by in our town. We discussed our near futures and goals quite in depth. I told him that I want an internship by Summer 2015 but I feared that few opportunities were available for students in our state for my major. He looked at me with disgust, like I had just thrown trash at him.


“What? I want to have hands on experience for my major while in college.”

“Well E, why don’t you search for intern opportunities out of state for next summer?” T replies. “You’ve said for years that distance from family has never mattered if you’re happy and successful. Go out and live somewhere practicing what you love for a summer, you have nothing to lose.”

Oh, I had never thought about temporarily moving out of state for internships. I planned on relocating after college if it was needed for my career.  Every possibility seems in sight. “Huh, I should do that. Honestly, that never crossed my mind. I’d have about ten months to save money back for living expenses and the cost of exploring the new city where I’d stay.”

“And if it was on the East Coast, say North Carolina or Georgia, I could come visit for vacation….Since I know the route by heart because of family. While you’re at your internship, I would explore the city.” T grins and slings his arm around my shoulders.

Internally, I am loosely calculating how much money I’d need for the summer. Where I’d live (studio apartment, or the university housing if the internship was associated through a university), transportation (bus, taxi, riding a bike, walking), if the opportunity provided a stipend. I may be forced to live like a functioning adult for summer 2015. At least I have a few more months to figure out how to act like an adult (even though I’ve surpassed age 18).

T, I plan to look into this. I WANT any of those internships. I am ravenous for it. These opportunities can open doors for people, I want to be one of those people. But you should look for internships then, because I know you can do it.”

How naive humans can be sometimes. We can limit ourselves so easily without realizing it. But, we are only human.


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