Met Anyone?

Hello Everyone!

Here in the United States July fourth is a particular day that is celebrated with family and friends and then fireworks in the evening. July fourth is our independence day. Since it was the week of July fourth I was house sitting for the same couple that I had previously house sat for in November. I saw family and friends during the week while I house sat. Normally I love to see friends and family, they’re my type of people. But a few key phrases kept popping up.

“Are you seeing anyone?” A great aunt asked. I love my Aunt R but she’s so eager for me to meet that “special young man” and get married. I know she wants me to be happy and have a successful career but she’s part of the generation that was married by the time your twenty-first birthday rolled around. I assured my great aunt that I was picky with the young men I date so it may be a while until I meet the one.

While I house sat my dear friend, C, stayed a night with me (my family doesn’t know about this). Over dinner we were chatting about current lives and dating while in college. C mentioned that he met a guy while working last week that he thought would be compatible with me. “Yeah, he was tall, humorous and just overall a good guy. I almost gave him your number but I knew you’d kill me if I handed your number over to a near stranger.”

C is correct. I would not be happy with him. “Do I truly come off as desperate? I don’t mind being single, I like it. I don’t have to communicate with another person-it’s a definite perk for someone not fond of people. C, just think about it. No irritating texts, no date nights, no worrying about bad breath when kissing, saving money because dating can be sort of pricey, staying in on Friday night and binge watching Netflix. Who wouldn’t want that? And who the hell has time to date while in college?”

He laughed and rolled his eyes. I’m not anti social, I’m just practical.

But it gets better.

THEN my dear friend T tells me about one of the male students in his English class this summer. “Oh E, he’s gorgeous. I know, I know, you don’t care about aesthetics but you’d notice him. He has dark brown eyes, olive toned skin, black loose curls and a strong jawline. And he wears Armani Code. I’d do him. I’ve been talking you up to him, so hopefully I can play matchmaker. He’s funny, an intellectual bad ass, and kind. You’d like him E.

I huffed T‘s name as an explanation mark. “Seriously? I am perfectly fine not dating anyone at the moment. I am grateful that you are looking out for me and my love life but I’m okay without a man attached on my hand. T, thank you, really thank you so much. I know you mean well. But I’m sick of friends and family asking me about my dating life (or lack of).”

“Well, I’m not asking if you’re seeing anyone; I already know the answer. So, I’ll keep talking you up and try to set you and J up on a date. You’ll thank me later.” T responds with a grin. How could I deny him or the seemingly handsome J?

Have any of you run into this problem in your life? Having people mention your dating life or inquire if you’ve been seeing anyone. Frustrating and amusing, isn’t it?


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