Blow It Off

Over the weekend I blew off all of my school work. I know, bad student! Bad E. What were you thinking? Actually, I thought about blowing off my school work since July eighth. It was a calculated poor decision. But in my defense I planned it out. I have two exams this Wednesday and very little prep work for the exams. I blew off an essay and a chemistry lab write up-all due this Wednesday. So, I was still in the clear for class yesterday (Monday).

I blew off my school work to hang out with my one of my besties (T). He called me up Saturday at noon to see if  I wanted to go for a walk. No kidding, I had been up for thirty minutes, coffee freshly in my stomach and nothing else. Naturally T had been awake since eleven in the morning and couldn’t wait to be outside.

“Hey, let’s go on a walk, Brush your teeth and I’ll be at your house in five minutes.”

Pleasantries were not exchanged.  T didn’t ask to see if I even wanted to go on a walk with him. But he knew I would go anywhere in the world with him anyway. A walk in our neighborhood isn’t long, it’ll be fine. So in five minutes he was waiting outside my house in his car. Shit. We’re driving to the city surrounding the university to walk. I haven’t eaten, brushed my curly hair (now in a ponytail), or applied enough deodorant to walk four to six miles up and down hills in the suburb around the university. No problem though, T looks just as pretty as I did. Oh, did I mention that we’re both wearing purple shirts, black shorts and blue tennis shoes? We accidentally color coordinated for the seventh time this summer. Now, we just laugh when strangers point it out to us.

Once we get to our desired destination, we take off with a fairly fast pace. The weather Saturday was about 85 degrees Fahrenheit with full sun , high humidity and a slight breeze, it was lovely. It’s truly my favorite type of weather=Hot/humid=Better. Anyway, about three miles  (of six miles total) into our walk we both realize that we didn’t bring water bottles. Yup, extremely poor planning. As we’re walking past a nice house (sweat drenched) there’s a young man watering his flowers with a hose. T, turns to me and says, “Do you think that guy would let me drink from his hose?” Take that inquiry as you may…

We decide to just mooch water off the nearby coffee shop instead of slurping from a garden hose. It was a great day. I spent all day Sunday with T as well. Now, I don’t recommend blowing off school work on a regular basis but sometimes it’s worth it.


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