Hairy Lakes

Yesterday afternoon I spent a say of lovely solitude by the lake in my town. It was nice a nice hot,  85 degrees (F) balmy sunny day and I spent it at the beach. I brought my sunscreen, cell phone, a book written by Jhumpa Lahriri, and my towel. There were quite a few people enjoying the lake today. Most of them there were young adults around my age and half naked like me in swimsuits. This was a type of day for me where I did not chat with anyone. I wanted a relaxing day alone.

After about an hour of being stretched out on my towel reading, a young handsome chap sits near me. Please go away and please don’t speak to me, I silently beg. He does neither. Instead he strikes up a conversation…which is fine. We had a pleasant conversation that lasted about fifteen minutes but we discussed nothing of substance. During our conversation this young fellow kept glancing at my legs. Seriously, what’s so interesting about my legs? After he stood up and left to join his friends, I looked at my legs. I saw my legs and then remembered that I haven’t shaved my legs in three weeks. Despite this slightly embarrassing moment I had a wonderful day.

It’s funny because I still don’t give a damn about having unshaven legs.


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