New Ideas

Hello Everyone!

Over the weekend I was nominated by my friends to pick something for us  to do on Thursday. Yes, it’s my turn to pick something, I hate when it’s my turn. So, I am asking you guys for ideas. Please, please, please leave your ideas in the comments. Ready? Set. Go!


5 thoughts on “New Ideas

  1. If you’re okay with going somewhere I’ve been obsessed with painting pottery, just look around at prices before you go because the smaller the place usually the better the deal! If you want to stay in Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, depending on the type of friends you have is always fun.

  2. If you can rent DVDs from your library, try the movie draft. Everyone picks 5 movies that they want to watch. Then, everyone passes around their 5, and each person gets rid of 1. You keep circling the movies until you’re down to as many movies as you have people. Then, you can either circle one last time, or you can put the remaining movies to a vote. You can also bring your own DVDs, but I like to play this at the library because the selection is better. Either way, it’s free!

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