New Food

Over the weekend my family discovered an Indian grocery market in our town. I love all types of Indian and Mediterranean food so this discovery was great. This market has a small deli and fresh produce and dried spices from India. The grocery market is amazing, most of everything is fresh. And most of the labels are written in Arabic or Hindi (I assume).

When it’s my night to make dinner, my family they can count on eating foreign cuisine. My favorite things to make (so far) are samosas, falafel, and tandoori chicken. I prefer to eat a Mediterranean and a Cave Man diet because I have numerous allergies (wheat, soy, corn, etc.). I’ve found that foreign cuisine is much easier to eat than to avoid my allergies in American food. Am I taking the easy way out? Maybe. Will I be healthier because I’m eating a clean diet? Yes. The rest of my family thinks I’m a bit nuts when I bring an Indian dish to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Oh well! Anyway, I’m so excited there’s an Indian market in my town!



*P.S Part of my family is German. The other side is Native and African American


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