See You Again

I will see you again, oh

This is not where it ends

Remember the entry where I wrote about a long, lost friend? This visit was extremely unexpected and a massive surprise.

Early Tuesday morning the seasonal Perseid meteor shower is beginning in the Western hemisphere and I just happen to have insomnia. I hop out of the shower about one-thirty in the morning and begin to read and browse Facebook.  G begins chatting with me on Facebook and asks if I’ve looked at the meteor shower yet. I haven’t set foot outside since it got dark Monday night. “Go outside and watch the shower, it’s pretty.” (When he was around we’d sit outside and map out the stars in the summer and fall months.) I noped out of that-it’s dark and I’m terrified of the dark.

“Haha, just go outside. E, I’m in your driveway.”

“No you’re not. That’s nuts.”  Believe it or not, it’s about two in the morning.

“Yes I am. What gives you the impression that I could be anywhere else? I can ring your doorbell to make it official.” G starts describing my front yard. It seems like he’s actually in my driveway. I’m skeptical, it’s impossible that he’d know what the yard looks like this summer.

He is not at my house right now. He lives an hour away, and works here in the city during the day. But what if G is here? “You better be here for dragging me out in the dark”, I type back to him. These spontaneous and thoughtful events don’t happen to normal people. Mostly my life is as ordinary as your neighbor. Good and bad things occur with the ebb and flow of life but nothing too unusual. I haul myself out of bed, check to make sure my parents are fast asleep, and slide out my front door. As I walk out down the bricked path to the driveway I can’t feel my heartbeat. The night air is crisp and has a faint scent of freshly clipped grass. My body feels numb and on fire at the same time. My mind is blank and as clear as the night itself. I can’t hear anything but the pitter-pat of my steps. Finally I reach the driveway.

G is leaning against his red sedan with his arms crossed gazing up at the illuminated sky. I feel blood rush to my face and a cold sweat crawls down my lower back. Is Nicholas Sparks writing my life right now? Or is this an outtake of Say Anything (Friend Edition)? Slowly, I silently walk towards him. Clearly G hears my approach and looks at me, grinning.

“Hi.” I greet with a voice just above a whisper.

“Come here”, and he strides over and gives me an extremely long hug.

He releases me from his arms and we just stare at each other. How is this happening? We’re the same height now. G isn’t a wiry young a four-eyed lad anymore. He’s built like a bull, has hands the size of dinner plates, and sounds like a man now. Although, his wavy brown hair hasn’t changed a bit since I last saw him.

“Hi.” I  say again; I still can’t process his presence at this hour.

“How are you, E?”


“I’ve missed you over the years.”

“Yes.” I apparently can’t utter sentences.

“Are you happy to see me?” G is beginning to seem confused with my one word responses.

I hug him again as I struggle to act like a normal human being. Now I feel like Rajesh Koothrappali from the Big Bang Theory.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t grasp that you’re at my house at 2:05 in the morning. I’m glad you’re here. Why?” This isn’t socially acceptable to just show up at a friend’s house after ten years absence in the wee hours of the day.

“I work the third shift this week and I just got out of work, which is a few miles away. And you have bouts of insomnia so I thought to see if you were still awake and visit.” He laughs. “We meet again my friend. Tell me everything since I moved from the area, there’s almost a decade to catch up on.”

“Well, so much has happened, I can’t sum it up. Let’s keep talking though because you’re here.” Where do I start? I can’t focus my mind on anything at the moment.

We lay down in my driveway to watch the meteor shower and begin to chatter up a storm. G told me about the difficult transition he and his family went through when they relocated ten years ago. He told me about his major fears in life: Dying young, having multiple unhappy marriages, crippling debt, the current congress in our political system. We discussed several different things as we watched the Perseid meteor shower. It seemed like ten minutes at most breezed by before we both checked the time. Turns out it was almost three in the morning.

“I need to get home”, he sighs as we stand up.

“I know. I’m glad you swooped by this morning.”

“I was afraid that your family wouldn’t be home or that you’d already be asleep.” G chuckles to himself.

“Sorry for keeping you up so late”, I joke as we stare up to the sky yet again. In my head, I thank my deceased loved ones and God for letting us have this little moment of uninterrupted bliss. It’s more than I could have imagined. I see G‘s keys in his hand.

He gives me one last long hug and a sad smile seeps onto his countenance when he releases me. “Let’s see each other again.”

“Of course! But during the daylight hours next time, okay?” He’s leaving now.

“Yes, yes, yes. This isn’t the last time we’ll see each other.” G proceed to get into his car. “It’s just the first time in years.”

“I’ll see you later then, G. Text me when you get home.”

We both wave and I retrace my steps back to the inside of my house.

In my heart of hearts, I know I will never in my life forget this obscure morning. Once inside, I pat back to my bedroom. My parents are still asleep as though nothing has happened.

When I wake later in the morning, I think Did that really happen? Cliched events don’t happen to people in real life. I check my cellular device and see his text. Wow, sometimes amazing things do happen, I’m so lucky. During breakfast, I told my parents about G visiting hours before. My parents didn’t believe me at first when I revealed. I just feel so happy and warm inside since I saw G. I’m just so lucky.


I will carry you with me, oh

‘Till I see you again





*Song lyrics by Carrie Underwood: See You Again


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