20 Wise-ish Things on a List

I will be adding another year to my age this month and have been mulling a few things over since I’ve been experiencing life.  My wise words and observations are listed here below:


  1. There are always bad things happening in the world
  2. Having access to food and water is underrated
  3. Never complain about being employed-Same for receiving education
  4. Trust that gut feeling
  5. No one has more control over your body than you
  6. Learn how to loosen up in new situations
  7. Stand up to bullies for you and everyone else
  8. At one point college will probably kick the shit out of you but it won’t last forever
  9. If a friend talks about ending their own life, tell someone that can help them
  10. All living things have value
  11. Push yourself and ambitions
  12. Extraordinary things happen to the Average Joe
  13. Remember to enjoy the moment
  14. Learn from mistakes
  15. Treat everything with respect and honesty
  16. Courage and bravery are undervalued
  17. Invest in one nice quilt
  18. A good cry leaves the soul refreshed
  19. Brush your teeth on a regular basis
  20. Love your family, friends, and yourself

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