Monday or Tuesday

I hate when I have Mondays on a Tuesday. This morning I was on time to an appointment that I’ve been waiting three weeks for and my adviser called in sick. The advising center emailed me thirty minutes before my appointment. No phone call. Funny that I didn’t check my email before I left. Once I arrived at the advising center, they said I’d have to reschedule. Right there I thought I was going to break down and cry.  They fit me in with another adviser early tomorrow morning.

Later today: Our English professor scolded our class for not understanding the homework assignment that was due today. Our ENTIRE class did the assignment incorrectly. Pardon me, professor, but perhaps you should have the ability to articulate clearer directions to the class.

Later, later today:  I slept for three hours straight once I got back late this afternoon. Took a shower to “restart” my day.

Highlight of the week: Yesterday (Monday) I ran into a friend on campus while he was working. He was painting inside one of the newly renovated buildings on campus. It was a nice surprise.


Don’t you hate when you have Mondays that aren’t on Mondays?


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