Power Cuts

Last week I received a haircut and I love it. I have dark corkscrew curly hair and it was down to my shoulders when it hung dry before my haircut. My stylist took four dry curly inches off my head. Yup, I asked her to take that much off. I haven’t had hair this short in seven years. Since my haircut I feel confident, bubbly, and sexy. Gasp. I feel sexy.  Actresses and actors say their hair makes them feel sexy and what not, but who believes that? Now I believe it. This cut by far is the biggest physical change I’ve had in the last few years.

Since my haircut I’ve been treated differently but in a good way. My professors take me more seriously and I receive more respect overall. Maybe I have a power haircut? Either way I’m extremely satisfied with all of it. No one has asked me if it’s a wig. I DON’T WEAR WIGS. THIS IS MY REAL HAIR. ALL OF IT. But that question doesn’t bother me one bit!

The person in the photo does not look like me in the least but the haircut and  is similar (the hair type is spot on).

Curly hair pic

Source: Google Images




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