What is Love?

Last Thursday my English professor gave the class a lecture on different philosophers, poets, and  writers  and their unique perspectives. She threw us a question to answer verbally during class. What is love?  “Love is not like a rose. Love isn’t a rose either. Don’t respond in similes or metaphors. And I hate clichés. What is love?” She says. Our English class takes a moment to ponder before responding. These were a few of the responses.

1. “Love is something that you can’t compare. Love is different to each person.”

2. “Love is unique and leaves you a different person once you experience it.”

3. “Love is felt.”

4. “Do you mean a romantic love? Or do you mean a parental or friendship type of love?” (My professor didn’t answer)

5. “It makes you feel lost but being okay with it.”

6. “Love is an emotion. It’s more than a feeling.”

She then told us that we all sounded like ignorant college students with our responses. My professor said that we haven’t experienced life to be knowledgeable enough to answer accurately. “Oh God, you sound like a song lyric . It’s more than a feeling. How original. Do any of you believe what you’re saying? All you know is what love is not and that’s it.” Unfortunately my professor didn’t give the answer to her question. “I just want you all to think about what I’ve said today.”

Do I agree that a room full of young adults haven’t a clue on what love is? To an extent I do agree with my professor. Seriously, out of the twenty-two students in my class, how many know without question what is love for the general population? I’d bet very few of us. Because of our youth we are inexperienced with love, life, and different perspectives.

But who is she to say that our answers aren’t also correct? Yes, she’s in her fifties and has decades of experience on each and every one of us, technically she would be much more knowledgeable with the concept of love. I just find it irritating that she’d dismiss our responses with a flick of her tongue. I have a few ideas of what love is though. It can make people feel emotionally raw. Or it can make people feel safe and among other things. There wasn’t a comment that I disagreed with while students were answering her question. The statements from students illustrate that love is personal in my opinion.

So, I’m curious and want to hear from you now. I PROMISE that I won’t dismiss your comments, or tell you that you’re wrong. What is love?


***Even though this blog is public I will not share your comments.


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