The Hope of Rejection

Earlier Wednesday evening a friend (D) called me. Since it is Thanksgiving in the United States, all college students are on a short break for the holiday, it’s lovely. As I was chatting with my friend she brought up the broad subject of rejection. Life is nothing but different handfuls of rejection with lots of great surprises in between. My friend told me that she was accepting of most forms of rejection. “E, when something in life disapoints or rejects you, it means that there’s something better ahead of you. That oppurtunity wasn’t yours to grab.” I paused and thought about that statement. I believe that it has some truth to it. OR perhaps I’d rather believe there’s truth to that stat

ement than feel disapointed. I’ve always seen rejection as a negative result but my friend looks at it differently. She sees the possibilities and hope beyond that result of rejection.

 It seems my friend D is wiser than her years


I am grateful to have people like her in my life, she’s one of the strongest women I’ve ever known.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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