The Learning List

Since 2014 began I’ve learned several things about myself, the world, and people. Since January 2014 I began writing those things down on a list.
1. Let go to be happy

2. Pets don’t live forever-never take them for granted
3. Talk to other students
4. Listen
5. People make mistakes
6. Be kind to yourself and others
7. Nature is relaxing to a stressed mind
8. Double check autocorrect
9. Sending angry texts should be considered a sin
10. The cheapest macaroni and cheese tastes the best
11. Get enough sleep
12. Get over yourself
13. The world is frequently ugly with prejudice
14. Going out of your comfort zone is exhilarating!
15. Remember your goals when obstacles seem impossible to overcome
16. Reevaluate my direction in life
17. Figured out the friends I can call at 2:30 in the morning
18. Summer bonfires with nerdy friends and playing cards until 5 in the morning will leave you with few regrets
19. Became more open to surprises and spontaneity
20. Still learn how to speak with more tact
21. Exercise feels great
22. “Old habits die hard.”
23.Investing in new pricey tennis shoes is worth it
24. Replace tennis shoes every 8-9 months if wearing every day
25. It’s okay to feel happy while being alone
26. Find and use common sense
27. Get better at using Microsoft Excel
28. Ask for help
29. Love my body
30. I can now do my own smoky eye makeup without looking like a racoon.
31. Make up artists are intelligent and creative
32. Sephora is over hyped and ridiculous
33. Be weary of strangers
34. A lot of adults are afraid of the dark, don’t feel bad
35. Still learning how to relax
36. Figure out how to create the smoky eye
37. Going to a book store cafe for a coffee date is always a great first date location
38. You make friends when you least expect it
39. Take advantage of free coffee on campus
40. Math is difficult
41. Chemistry- You survived the class
42. Saying what you feel is difficult and important
43. Spending Friday night watching four movies cleanses the soul
44. Making lists is fun
45. The Frenemy is one of my favorite tumblr blogs.
46. People watching isn’t weird
47. I learned not to care what my family thinks about my “liberal” views on equal rights
48. Never dumb words down for other people
49. Sometimes I’m wrong
50. Be careful
51. A goal that terrifies me- I must accomplish it
52. Surprises aren’t always bad
53. Love doesn’t always equate to happiness in relationships
54. Sometimes my mother knows best
55. Slowly becoming comfortable with discussing intimate details with friends.
56. Rejection is okay, it means you tried.
57. I’ve become a more open human being, I’m more likely to bring my walls down sooner.
58. Learned how to be proud of myself without feeling conceited
59. Talking feels good
60. Professors do care about students and their success
61. Getting feels still feels odd to me
62. Learned that I fear(ed) rejection, and watching others with rejection
63. Never care what others think of you
64. Contacting the friend you miss most after months of unintended separation is a good idea
66. Two of the hardest emotions I feel is longing and sadness
65. Sometimes I’m flippant
67. Waving to strangers is fun and silly
68. The friend that says your makeup looks slutty and is unsympatheticly serious
isn’t your friend-Cut ties with him
69. Still learn how to accept yourself when crying- It’s not a sign of weakness
70. Haircuts are wonderful
71. Purple is the only color to favor
72. Squirrels are whimsical creatures
73. Dirty Dancing, 16 Candles, Footloose are some of the worst films I’ve ever watched
74. Reading quotes is good for the soul
75. I’m unintentionally competitive
76. A single act of kindness can change someone’s world
77. M will become your friend
78. The other M in math will also be your friend

2014. The year of vast personal growth. I keep waiting for this growth and change to either stop or slow down in my life. But the more years that tack onto my age the more my life and myself seem to grow and alter. Does that ever stop? I have made the biggest social strides in 2014. Being lonely the fall of my freshman year was a blessing in disguise. I learned who was important to me and most importantly, why I wanted those people in my life. Forever. But being alone forced me to go out of comfort zone. It allowed self exploration (I know, what a cliché). Being lonely and alone gave life lessons that cannot be learned while being non-lonely. Since Spring 2014 I’ve made three new friends that I never expected to meet and befriend. Academically I am more daring. I won’t back down when I want a 4.0 in my classes. Are you really living if you don’t try for something? I might not get the result I wanted but that’s not the point. The point is that I tried.
For as many things I learned and conquered in 2014 there’s a lifetime of goals, struggles, lessons, and things to conquer.


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