Dearest X,

I am writing to you from a deep crevasse in my heart. Yes, I do have one in my chest.
X, I cannot begin to describe how much you’ve always meant to me. Every time grass is beneath my bare feet I think of you and

our sunny days outside playing zoo. You became my sun when the light was lost and the rainbow when the light was rescued in my life, thank you. My love for you pales in comparison of your love for me. Remember when I’d collect something that I thought was special and put it in that heart shaped Hershey Kiss tin? I still have that tin and everything is still there. I guard the contents with my life to this day. I rummaged through it the other day and came across the yellow friendship bracelet you crocheted me. The tear trickling down my face meant you never left my heart or my mind all these years later. Your presence is the stillness of summer’s humid evening that we cherished together. When I’m terrified, sometimes I think of you, then I feel empowered because you conquered your own nightmares. This acoustic guitar hanging on my bedroom wall represents how much I love a steady beat. You are relatively steady beat in my life. The best way I can convey how much you mean to me is through someone else’s words (Jane Austen). And for that, I apologize. “…if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger.”
You mean the sun, rainbow, tear, the quote by Jane Austen, a physical personified form of bravery, and the guitar in my bedroom. Never would you imagine that one person could mean so much.
Sincerely yours,


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