Last Monday afternoon wrapped up my second fall semester at college, so I’m done with exams! Whoop, whoop! I’ve met incredible students this semester and I now can’t imagine going my whole life without ever coming across them. A few of these students seem to be the underdogs of my generation. However, they are excelling academically. The world is against these amazing students and it doesn’t matter because they’re not like most of the world.

“I don’t want to fit into a metaphorical mold to appease an impossible ideal that’s been created for people.”~M

This particular student I met in my math class this semester. Yes, he wears obscure T-shirts and is a tad socially awkward but he’s honest. He stays true to himself and is one of the most intelligent people I’ve met. M is an interesting fellow who appreciates kindness, humor, love, and general happiness of the people around him. It  seems that he’s a pure soul. But he views the world in such a different way. M has gone through so much in his life. He’s been bullied, lived in poverty, graduated from a below average school district and yet here he is at college. The odds were against him (poverty still a reality for his family) and he’s held a solid 4.0 in the class the entire semester. Yes, M is five years older than myself but his maturity is decades beyond his birth age. He sees probability and possibility with finding solutions. Most of the world seems to see impossibility and improbabilities with finding solutions. M has been partially shaped by life experiences and struggle. He’s attending college to create a future for himself. He is one of the most brilliant people I’ve met in my life. M alone gives me hope and new perspective. Plus, he’s now one of my friends. We’re probably an unlikely pair but it doesn’t matter.

” Those ideals never propel our world. Maybe I’d rather stay under the radar and know who I am and still try to make the world a better place. I don’t know though, I’ve never been part of the ‘in’ crowd.”~M


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