The Miles

I promise I won’t be the irritating exercising person that everyone hates. But the last two days I’ve walked seven miles while working out at the gym. It begins to put in perspective how much human energy is exerted when walking even a mile. I can see how many calories I burn per minute, how many miles per hour I walk (3.5 mph) and watch my heart rate as I work out. By the time I’ve walked on the elliptical I’m trying to remember my reward: A shower. Simple and yet satisfying when drenched in sweat after two hours of exercising. I’ve figured out that I have enough time in my schedule to work out about two hours four days a week. I feel that anything beyond eight hours a week borders on insanity.

Since working out I feel no different than I did before my gym membership. If anything, I understand further how my body moves and uses the skeletal muscles. They’re something that humans seem to take for granted. I’ve discovered my limit for weight lifting (by accident) and that my tennis shoes are the bees knees for constant impact.


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