Hello everyone!
It seems like it’s been nearly a decade since I last wrote an entry. I hope that you all are staying warm and dry during this unusual weather. Since the month of February kicked off

I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing college. I’ve barely seen friends. I feel like I’ve neglected everyone close to me in exchange for a 4.0 in all of my classes. When I’m not doing something related to academics I’m either sleeping or burning off stress at the gym.
Right now I’m enjoying Spring Break with my family, cats, and friends. It feels just amazing to relax without feeling guilty for relaxing. I forgot how nice it is to be taken care of by family. Being loved is wonderful.  Home cooked meals, not sharing bathrooms, furry friends, and comfortable beds are underrated. While being home I’ve (binged) watched the films Gone Girl, The Artist, Silverlinings Playbook, The Hangover Part 3. I highly recommend all of those films.
Anyway, I hope to post on a more consistent basis for the month of March but we’ll see. Have a great Sunday!


Olive, she seems indifferent to my absence


Carl, I think he missed me.


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