This week I am caring for my aunt S who has had surgery. She lives about two hours away from my hometown so I have been staying in her house. Earlier today I was driving to pick her up from the hospital and evidently got lost. So very lost in a city that is completely foreign to me. I have zero sense of direction. I can get lost using GPS in my hometown. But I drove my aunt S to the hospital yesterday morning in the pouring rain with no problem while using GPS navigation. I couldn’t foresee any issues for today in order to bring aunt S back home.

You see there are two hospitals just outside of the downtown area thirty minutes in opposite directions of one another. My aunt was being treated at the hospital on the much nicer and safer part of the area. I leave her house around noon and plan on arriving at the hospital about 12:15. Less than half way to the hospital and the GPS on my phone stops working. No problem, I believe I know where to turn. I’m not that far away, it’s a straight shot from here. I keep driving and I’m seeing familiar things along my path. Oh, there’s the road to the hospital. I turn right and then see nothing familiar but I can’t turn around because it’s a one way street. Shit. But I don’t panic, I’ll find someplace to get back on track. While I keep driving and somehow end up on the {unsafe} backside of the downtown area near the other hospital. I make sure my doors are locked and avoid pulling over to check a map to get the hell out here. Partly because there’s nowhere to pull over; and I’m a young woman traveling in a foreign city alone (sans pepper spray) in an unsafe area. Anyway, I remember to keep breathing to stay calm enough that I realize there’s a small college located somewhere near my location-I passed a sign a mile back. Yes, a shred of light. I can finally stop and ask for directions from people who posses multiple smart phones and technology.

Anyway, I manage to find the visitors building of the small college and pull in, spotting other youths my age milling around outside. I approach a small group of women and tell them my dilemma. Thank God, they use their GPS and I take a photo of the route I need to the correct side of downtown area to the correct hospital. It’s not too long of a drive. Relief floods my heart as I slip the car into reverse and go by verbal direction and the photo of the route for the hospital. Oh, and I text my aunt that I got lost but I’d be there soonish.

Guess what time it is by the time I reach the hospital….1:12 in the afternoon. Yes, I cried once I parked in the ramp.

As I sit writing this entry I must chuckle. Why? Because I could have googled the hospital’s phone number and figured out how to get there. Or figured out another solution. But as I wrote, I was terrified to stop and look vulnerable in a terrible part of the downtown area. Would you like to know the ironic part of the lost situation? I was a two miles from the correct right turn when I took the first wrong turn.

Thankfully my aunt S is now home and resting comfortably.


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