Homesick: Sad or depressed from a longing for home or family while away from them for a long time.

-Definition found at

It has been quite a while since I was homesick. I’ve been taking care of my aunt for almost a week now and I came down with a case of homesick on day three. I know, so rough, poor E. Yes, I’m laughing at myself as well. What’s odd is that I’m still with a family member, I’m not at a terrible summer camp. But this week definitely hasn’t been easy caring for my 65 year old aunt. Apparently her pain medication makes her crabby and uncooperative, among other things.

However, I haven’t had to do too much other than housework and keeping an eye on my aunt. Last evening I was feeling particularly lonely because my auntie hasn’t been too talkative for the last few days. So I called up my friend M that I met at school this year. It was rather late (12:15am) to just call up someone but I knew he suffered from insomnia. He figured out I was homesick because I never call him late. “I’ll talk to you as long as you need, or until one of us becomes tired. And I don’t have to work in the morning.” We were chatting about everything from anime, dating, pop culture, to everyday activities. Then I began crying because I was homesick for friends, my kitties, and my family back home. I pulled it together so M wouldn’t hear the sniffles. He didn’t have to know how childish I can be; it’s way too early into the friendship. M is such a sweet kid (25 year old kid). I knew people in the world existed like him, it’s just finding them in the small curves of the world!
All together we chatted for about ninety minutes and it was I who became too tired to continue chatting. As we were about to click off the phone M said, “Sweet dreams. I want your day to improve. Also, I’m glad that you were able to stop crying.”

Yes, I verbally uttered an “Aww” into the phone. M was silent for a moment then replied, “Don’t get eaten in your sleep”, hanging up right after his odd remark.

This week I realized how lucky I am to live the life I was given. Despite how homesick I still am, it’s nice to know that I have a few people in my back pocket that I can call up.


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