House & Goat Sitting

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been away yet another four months because well… I apparently stink at writing posts on a regular basis. So let’s sit down and catch up.

Since I’ve been away I’ve been working as a barista and still attending college. I love my job, I have had such a blast working as an assistant manager at this coffee shop (not Starbucks if you were wondering). Baristas in my college town are the “cool people”. Maybe we’re cool. Chances are we are intellectual bad asses and just need the shift beverage to pull that all nighter after work. My particular coffee shop is full of science majoring baristas and former science olympians with a side of comic book nerd . The people I work with make my job better than I imagined. M is a fellow coworker who has the most insane sense of humor. She does an impression of each Addams Family character. She also likes to scare me with flying monkey impressions from The Wizard of Oz. I love to laugh with my coworkers. We’re all kinda weird.

As an assistant manager I must be at work before the sun rises a few days a week. You learn how to be a morning person pretty fast.How many people get to watch the sun rise nearly everyday? Each sunrise is different and perfect. One of the hardest things I learned was how to adapt under the pressure of a rush while working alone. I’m a fairly reserved and calm person but staying calm when everyone wants a latte is a different story. A year ago when I first started as a barista the thought of working alone terrified me. Now I crave a rush when I work. YEAH! BRING ON THE PEOPLE!!! Let’s get this party started!

Mid February I house sat for the same people who raise goats for fun and for goat milk products. It was the best and worst weather while I house sat for a week. It was forty five degrees for four days then it was a huge blizzard for the last three. Fourteen inches (35.5 cm) of snow total by the end. This couple has seven goats now and are expecting two more kids (baby goats) this spring. So, nine total when I house sit for them again. I cannot wait! I’ve expressed my love for barnyard animals in previous entries, but I do adore goats. When I house sat I purchased a bottle of red wine. It took me and a friend almost fifteen minutes to unscrew the cork. 4 different corkscrews, 2 college aged girls, 15 minutes, and lots of swearing. In the end the cork came out in two broken pieces. It wasn’t worth the blood, sweat and tears either because the wine was too dry for our palettes. But anything combined with kettle corn, Netflix, scratch pizza, and wine is a good choice. House sitting for this couple is like a vacation. It’s absolutely amazing knowing that you have nothing particular to do but to relax and play with goats.

All in all, I haven’t been doing much, just staying busy.

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