The 21st Century Kitchen

February 12, 2017

January 20, 2017 was the Women’s March in Washington D.C. It was inclusive for equal rights and a peaceful protest and rally against Trump. Women and men gathered in D.C and around the world to demonstrate support and unity for equality as well for womens’ health care. Recently Donald Trump signed into a (Gag Rule) law first introduced during the 1980s that limited abortion rights. I am not pro-life. I am pro-choice. Pro-choice is not equal to pro-death. It is simply stating that my views are not of a higher value to limit what you choose to do with your body. I believe that under specific circumstances that abortions should be performed. If the mother’s life is in danger, if there is a terrible defect with the fetus, if the fetus is a product of rape, if the mother isn’t in a position to raise a child, and even if the mother didn’t intend to become pregnant. There are several different ways to avoid pregnancy through contraception methods. However, some of those methods are not 100% foolproof. The foolproof methods are sterilization, and abstinence. Plus, whatever the reason that a woman is considering an abortion is nobody’s business. Women shouldn’t be threatened or shamed for having control over their bodies and reproductive health. Banning or restricting abortions is just another way for people to shame women for not being complacent legally without feeling burdened to justify personal viewpoints.

I am sick of women being punished for expecting to have the same equality as an Anglo Saxon male. Specifically, reproductive and healthcare rights. Males won’t need abortion rights because they won’t have to make that choice for themselves. They don’t have female reproductive organs such as ovaries, a uterus, a vulva, and a vagina. I understand that the vast majority of men support equal rights for women; I’m not man hating, or pro-life hating. However, is it that difficult to make an informed unbiased decision that will not harm society, but strengthen it? Women are half of the population of society. If it can benefit women with no shame choices, then it will correlate that men benefit as well. Progress with choices can only make society stronger together.

But I’ve noticed the mentality that a portion of society posses with the view “rowdy” and “shrill” women need to know their place in society. Women are then punished with laws, threats and shame from other people for expecting and pursuing equality. It is not a detriment to be female, or identify as female. Where is a woman’s place in society? In the kitchen? Maintaining home life for her partner? This isn’t the fucking 1960s. Being shamed of wanting equality isn’t going to stop me from gaining rights. I know my place. It’s being equal with men. I will be standing beside them since we are equals. I will not stand behind or in front of them, since we are equals. The 21st century for equality is the equivalent of women’s suffrage in the 1900s. Until all women are treated the same as their male Anglo-Saxon counterparts, women are not considered equal. Until any diverse community is treated as equals, there will be exclusion.

To be a woman is not to be weak. It is to be enduring. To be human means to be enduring. It is to be equal.


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